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Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems


Most enterprises operate with expensive technology and equipment. If it is mission-critical, you need to protect it.

Nebraska Safety and Fire Equipment, Inc. offers a broad range of fire suppression solutions that are customized to address special hazards, including FM-200, CO2, and Halon systems.

Fire suppression systems are designed to quickly detect and suppress fires to minimize damage, clean-up, and downtime. Such systems are typically used to protect:

  • Computer rooms
  • Sub-floors
  • Critical file storage rooms
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Financial records
  • Historical sites, museums, art galleries, archives

We make sure your fire suppression system is tested and ready to go when we turn it over to you.  We train your employees to understand the proper operation and maintenance requirements to keep your fire suppression system in optimal operating condition.

Clean agent suppression systems are required to be inspected in accordance with NFPA 72 and NFPA 2001. Our highly trained technicians can inspect and service all types of special hazard systems.

Don’t Pay Fines for Preventable Issues
Not knowing which life safety and fire codes you need to meet is frustrating because violations can result in unnecessary fines, loss of funding, shuttering a business or worse a loss of life and property. Since 1983, we’ve seen first-hand the challenges companies face with complex code requirements and safety issues which is why we developed this guide of the top issues we discover during our safety and fire surveys. Grab the guide, implements the actions inside, and avoid potentially costly fines for issues that are 100% preventable.


The Top Issues Discovered During Fire and Safety Surveys


In this guide, you'll learn about the top issues regarding:

1 - Fire Sprinkler Systems

2 - Fire Extinguishers


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