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Intercom / Clock Systems

Intercom/Clock Systems offer a paging and intercom system that is key to ensuring efficient and effective communication with your employees and students within your school or business.

Nebraska Safety and Fire Equipment, Inc. uses Bogen Engineered Systems which provide a variety of solutions for educational institutions at the facility, campus, and district levels. Whether you are designing a new school, hospital, or office, or you’re retrofitting into an existing facility, you will benefit from Bogen’s superior products which include VoIP-based communications, conventional paging and intercom technology, clock systems, and professional audio.

These high-quality products are dependable, easy to install, and easy to use.

We have designed, installed, and serviced these important systems for facilities of all sizes and understand what it takes to ensure the critical paging and intercom systems are operating as designed. We can also help ensure that your staff is properly trained to maximize system operation. 


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