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Range Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Commercial cooking areas, ranging from fast-food restaurants to institutional kitchens, cannot afford an interruption in operation caused by a fire. Insurance statistics prove that if a restaurant has a fire, it may never reopen; those that do have lost time and money in the form of personal injury treatment, equipment replacement, and higher insurance rates.

That’s why Nebraska Safety and Fire Equipment, Inc. installs only premier kitchen hood fire suppression systems from Kidde and Range Guard. All of our technicians are factory trained. Experience is extremely important when choosing someone to install your fire system.

Nebraska Safety and Fire Equipment, Inc. has been installing restaurant fire systems since 1983. We survey your system to see if it meets UL 300 requirements and also inspect your system(s) in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association’s pamphlets 17, 17A and 96. Our highly- trained technicians can inspect and service all types of kitchen hood fire suppression systems.

Don’t Pay Fines for Preventable Issues
Not knowing which life safety and fire codes you need to meet is frustrating because violations can result in unnecessary fines, loss of funding, shuttering a business or worse a loss of life and property. Since 1983, we’ve seen first-hand the challenges companies face with complex code requirements and safety issues which is why we developed this guide of the top issues we discover during our safety and fire surveys. Grab the guide, implements the actions inside, and avoid potentially costly fines for issues that are 100% preventable.


The Top Issues Discovered During Fire and Safety Surveys


In this guide, you'll learn about the top issues regarding:

1 - Fire Sprinkler Systems

2 - Fire Extinguishers


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